On Tap

Good good / 8%abv

New-school Double IPA. Pale yellow, with a cloudy head that leaves creamy lacing. The mouthfeel is pillowy and resinous with a soft lingering bitterness. Big fruity punches of citrus, peach, and pineapple play with pings and pangs of spruce sap, spearmint, hemp, and heady dankness. The finish is straight hop resin that lingers long after each sip.


Strange Landscape: Chardonnay / 5.5 %ABV

Farmhouse Ale The second in a series of wine/saison hybrids from our Blendery that seek to merge the bouties of both local and foreign terroir. Brewed in 2016 and fermented on French oak for one year, then blended and conditioned on Chardonnay grapes in stainless before being racked and finished in freshly dumped Russian River Valley Chardonnay casks. Earthy and buttery, with strong tannins, light funk, and a perplexing vinous character.


Chasing meadows / 5%ABV

Foudre Fermented Saison Conditioned on Chamomile conditioned on fresh organic spring chamomile that we harvested by hand with Linda from Barefoot Gardens. This beer is complex and floral with medium acidity and intense notes of honeycomb, hay and chamomile sun-tea. 


El Dorado Nerd / 7.5%ABV

Extra IPA With a hefty kick of El Dorado, a favorite of ours. Tangelo and fresh peach, with a health amount of headiness to it


foolish things/4.8%ABV

Dry-hopped Saison fermented in oak. Brewed with German pils, winter wheat, and fluffy oats in the summer of ‘17. Fermented and aged in neutral wine barriques at our Blendery for almost a year before being racked into stainless tanks and dry-hopped with fresh, whole-flower cascade hops. Strikingly complex, with intense florals and citrus notes. 


Hermitage Blend / 4.5%ABV

Dark Sour Ale Notes of dark fig, classic manhattan, and deep, dark vin rouge with a complex firm acidity and distinctive yeast character.


sint larius / 8.8%ABV

Belgian Tripel A straight up, authentic rendition of an Abbey Style Tripel Brewed in collaboration with Larry Porter from Porters Pub.


hü dis / 4.9%ABV

Unfiltered Vienna Lager Brewed with 100% Vienna malt, and hopped very gently with Melba. Crackley & quenching with hints of earthy sourdough loaf and herbal tea.


Miracle visions / 8%ABV     

Double India Pale Ale hopped in duplicity with a trippy blend of Mosaic, Denali, and Nugget. Exceedingly Tropical and dank.. 


Chaos Magic / 5.7%ABV

Wheast saison primarily fermented with an extremely dry and assertive farmhouse yeast strain. Further aged in stainless tanks at our Blendery for 6 months atop our house mixed culture and blackberry puree and then aged in the bottle for the better part of a year. Jammy and effervescent with that classic bone-dry farmhouse finish.  

Ritual Death / 4.8%ABV

Smoked Helles Lagerbier Brewed with a delicate touch Bavarian rauchmalt and fermented cool and slow. Crisp and malt-driven, with a touch of cherry-wood smoke. The perfect Lagerbier for the darker half of the year. 


Darkness Reaches / 10%ABV

Imperial Coconut Stout A toasty porter with some serious heft, brewed with lactose and coconut. Just the right potion for easing into these darker months.


MAsala Chai Latte / 4.5%ABV

Nitro Masala Chai Session Ale Spiced with a blend of giner, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla bean with a light body and creamy texture. Serving on Nitr



Nothing but flowers  


Pinnacle Ridge Merlot

Pinnacle Ridge Rosé