On Tap

Droplets / 5.5%

Oat Pale Ale brewed with a grist containing about 60% flaked oats, flaked rye, and white wheat for supreme fluff. We hit it twice with a hop blend of El Dorado, Calypso, and Nugget. Lots of white grape, mint, and sappy-pear. Juicy. Dry as a bone


Brick Lane / 8%ABV

Double Rice IPA Brick Lane is brewed in tribute to our good friends Beer Pub Brick Lane in Nagoya.  This DIPA is dry-hopped twice with a blend of El Dorado, Calypso, Eureka, and Nugget and then conditioned on really hefty dose of fully dressed sushi rice, white miso, and koji spores.


Wooder / 4.2%ABV

Modern Pilsner Hopped gently on Lemondrop, a modern hop that lends a really nice lemon, mint and green tea character that I thought would be neat to layer over an otherwise classic, crips and crackery Pilsner base


El Dorado Nerd / 7.5%ABV

Extra IPA With a hefty kick of El Dorado, a favorite of ours. Tangelo and fresh peach, with a health amount of headiness to it


Surya/ 5.5%ABV

Smoothie Pale Ale  A luscious oat pale ale, dry-hopped twice with Mosaic & Citra, and conditioned on pineapple purée, and house toasted coconut flesh. 


Hermitage Blend / 4.5%ABV

Dark Sour Ale Notes of dark fig, classic manhattan, and deep, dark vin rouge with a complex firm acidity and distinctive yeast character.


Foudre Tropic / 5.5%ABV

Oak Aged Pink Guava Saison Fermented in a single foudre with our house microflora, and liberal dose of aged whole-cone hops. After 4 months of fermentation we racked it into our fruiting tanks on top of some pretty aromatic pink guava puree and let it condition on fruit for 2 months before bottle conditioning for another 3 months.


hü dis / 4.9%ABV

Unfiltered Vienna Lager Brewed with 100% Vienna malt, and hopped very gently with Melba. Crackley & quenching with hints of earthy sourdough loaf and herbal tea.


Strawberry Mango Smoosh / 7.8%ABV     

India Pale Ale conditioned on Strawberry and Mango, Vanilla Bean and Milk Sugar.


Cellar fuzz: Cherry

Oak Aged Wild Ale Cellar Fuzz is part of our new rotating expression of mature barrel- fermented wild ale. This inaugural iteration was conditioned on sour-cherries. Rose' in colour, with an almost amaretto-like character of rose, fruit, and spice. Very firm acidity. 


Lifestyle / 4.5%ABV

Kolsch Brewed with a simple malt bill of German pils, flaked barley, and a few hefty pinches of classic Saaz before being lagered for a few weeks in the cellar. Distinctly floral and fresh, with notes of lemon verbena and a slight earthy minerality. Crispy, clean, and eternally liberating.


Spellbook / 13%ABV

Maple Imperial Stout We constructed this dark, viscid potion with layers of rich organic maple syrup and dust storms of ground Saigon cinnamon stick. A treacle worthy of the highest level pastry sorcerers...


MAsala Chai Latte / 4.5%ABV

Nitro Masala Chai Session Ale Spiced with a blend of giner, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla bean with a light body and creamy texture. Serving on Nitr




Raspberry Sage



Pinnacle Ridge Gruner Veltliner

Stone & Key Petite Sirah