On Tap

Droplets / 5.5%

Oat Pale Ale brewed with a grist containing about 60% flaked oats, flaked rye, and white wheat for supreme fluff. We hit it twice with a hop blend of El Dorado, Calypso, and Nugget. Lots of white grape, mint, and sappy-pear. Juicy. Dry as a bone


Brick Lane / 8%ABV

Double Rice IPA Brick Lane is brewed in tribute to our good friends Beer Pub Brick Lane in Nagoya.  This DIPA is dry-hopped twice with a blend of El Dorado, Calypso, Eureka, and Nugget and then conditioned on really hefty dose of fully dressed sushi rice, white miso, and koji spores.


Wooder / 4.2%ABV

Modern Pilsner Hopped gently on Lemondrop, a modern hop that lends a really nice lemon, mint and green tea character that I thought would be neat to layer over an otherwise classic, crips and crackery Pilsner base


gemme rouge/ 6.6%ABV

American Wild Cider Like Wizards Tree, we sourced and pressed apples from our neighbors @schollorchardsbefore conducting a wild fermentation at our #Blendery. This version was re-conditioned on 160lbs of tart cherries


Surya/ 5.5%ABV

Smoothie Pale Ale  A luscious oat pale ale, dry-hopped twice with Mosaic & Citra, and conditioned on pineapple purée, and house toasted coconut flesh. 


Binaural beatbox / 5%ABV

Nordic Farmbier w/ Black Currants  Nordic Farm-bier brewed with oats, white wheat, and conditioned on a heaping and coincidental 420lbs of tart & jammy black currants. 


Strange Landscapes Sauvignon Blanc / 5.5%ABV

Oak Aged Saison conditioned on Sauvignon Blanc grapes  Strange Landscape: Sauvignon Blanc is the first in a series of wine/saison hybrids from our #Blendery that seek to merge the bounty of both local and foreign terroir. Fermented on French oak for one year. Then, blended and conditioned on Sauvignon Blanc grapes for a good long time before being finished in freshly dumped Russian River Valley white wine barriques.


Pineapple Smoosh / 7.8%ABV

Double India Pale Ale Hopped and dry hopped generously with Mosaic and Centennial, and conditioned on lactose, vanilla bean, and pineapple puree. 


Strawberry Mango Smoosh / 7.8%ABV     

India Pale Ale xonditioned on Strawberry and Mango, Vanilla Bean and Milk Sugar.


Agave Dreamwave / 6.9%ABV

Anejo barrel-aged American Wild cider with lime and sea salt Agave Dreamwave is an asymmetric blend of Winesap and Granny Smith apples locally sourced from Scholl Orchards late ‘17 harvest. After a primary fermentation on spontaneous & house microflora, we transferred it into freshly dumped Añejo Tequila barrels on top of organic limes and Himalayan pink sea salt for an extended conditioning


Miracle Visions / 8%ABV

Double IPA Miracle Visions is our DIPA hopped in duplicity with a trippy blend of Mosaic, Denali, and Nugget. Exceedingly Tropical and dank. 


Spellbook / 13%ABV

Maple Imperial Stout We constructed this dark, viscid potion with layers of rich organic maple syrup and dust storms of ground Saigon cinnamon stick. A treacle worthy of the highest level pastry sorcerers...


Cream & Shugga / 6%ABV

Oatmeal Milk Stout on Nitro This stellar Milk Stout flows forth from the nitro taps to showcase a fluffy, drippy meditation on oatmeal, milk sugar, and a ménage of roasted malts... drenching your glass in layers and notes of marshmallow fluff, ground cocoa, Ethiopian coffee, nilla wafers, and British biscuits.




Blueberry, Lemon Grass



Pinnacle Ridge Gruner Veltliner

Stone & Key Petite Sirah