On Tap

Classic Cream / 4.2% ABV

American Cream Ale comprised of Bohemian Pilsner malt and flaked maize, hopped gently with Hallertauer, then fermented low and slow for 3 weeks with a cool ale strain for crisp and easy drinking.

Hipster Blood / 5.0% ABV

Nordic-Style Farmhouse Ale Fermented with our own Viking yeast and conditioned on 600lbs of tart and sweet cherries for that funky cherry farmhouse flavor. In our opinion, its deep red coloring makes it one of our most beautiful beers.

Citra Nerd / 7.5% ABV

Single-Hop IPA This beer is brewed with Pils, Oats, and German Wheat, then massively dry-hopped with Citra Hops. Citra boasts massive aromas and flavors of lemon zest, mandarin orange, honeydew, and grapefruit.

Wooder / 4.2% ABV

Pilsner We took the classic, crackery base of a standard pils and used Lemondrop hops for its lemon, mint, and green tea character to create this super crisp modern pilsner.

Cream and Shugga / 6.0% ABV

Milk Stout this stellar milk stout flows forth from the Nitro Taps to showcase a fluffy, drippy meditation on oatmeal, milk sugar, and a menage of roasted malts. Drenching your glass in layers and notes of marshmallow fluff, ground Cocoa, Ethiopian Coffee, Nilla Wafers, and British Biscuits.

Just Hangin’ / 6.6% ABV

Spontaneous Cider Spontaneous dry cider packs a punch with an intense fruit profile and delicate funk.

Arno / 5.0% ABV

Belgian Pale Ale A homespun rendition of the classic Belgian Pales. Structured around the exemplary Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hop, with a balanced malt bill and expressive Trappist yeast strain. This beer is crisp and vibrant with the satisfying quench of floral Hallertauer.

Dunkel / 6.0% ABV

Dark Lager a malty amber Munch-Style lagerbier. No frills, crisp, classic and bready.

Naked Yoga / 8.0% ABV

Porter brewed with chocolate malts and conditioned on Dutch cocoa powder, Madagascar vanilla, Saigon cinnamon and cayenne pepper. It’s dark, warm and stimulating.

Sketches of Simcoe / 5.8% ABV

Dry-hopped Wild Pale Ale Mature wild ale fermented entirely in oak casks heavily dry hopped with whole flower Simcoe hops. The result is puzzling bright and citrusy, with background notes of classics Simcoe pine resin, barrel tannins, and light funk. It boasts a medium-high acidity akin to juicy sweet tarts and fresh squeezed oranges.

Strange Landscape: Chardonnay / 5.5% ABV

Farmhouse Ale The second in a series of wine/saison hybrids from our Blendery that seek to merge the bounties of both local and foreign terroir. Brewed in 2016 and fermented on French oak for one year, then blended and conditioned on Chardonnay grapes in stainless before being racked and finished in freshly dumped Russian River Valley Chardonnay casks. Earthy and buttery, with strong tannins, light funk, and a perplexing vinous character.

Foolish Things/ 4.8% ABV

Dry-hopped Saison fermented in oak. Brewed with German pils, winter wheat, and fluffy oats in the summer of ‘17. Fermented and aged in neutral wine barriques at our Blendery for almost a year before being racked into stainless tanks and dry-hopped with fresh, whole-flower cascade hops. Strikingly complex, with intense florals and citrus notes. 

Chasing Meadows / 5.0% ABV

Foudre Saison Conditioned on fresh organic spring chamomile that we harvested by hand with Linda from Barefoot Gardens. This beer is complex and floral with medium acidity and intense notes of honeycomb, hay and chamomile sun-tea.


Rotating selection from Portch Tea


Pinnacle Ridge Merlot

Pinnacle Ridge Grüner Veltliner


Refrigerated 4-Packs:

Classic Cream
American Cream Ale

Hipster Blood
Farmhouse Ale

Citra Nerd
Single-Hop IPA

Good Good
Double IPA


Belgian Pale Ale

Dark Lager

Naked Yoga


Wild Botanical Saison

Auger Pulp
Dark Sour Ale

Just Hangin’
Spontaneous Dry Cider

Foudre Tropic
Guava Saison

Uzés: Apricot
Provençal Saison Aged on Apricot