On Tap

Droplets / 5.5%

Oat Pale Ale brewed with a grist containing about 60% flaked oats, flaked rye, and white wheat for supreme fluff. We hit it twice with a hop blend of El Dorado, Calypso, and Nugget. Lots of white grape, mint, and sappy-pear. Juicy. Dry as a bone


Wizard’s Tree / 6.6%ABV

American Wild Cider Wizard’s Tree is a mixed-fermentation American Wild Cider pressed from 2017 late harvest varietals from Scholl Orchards, fermented on naturally occurring yeast and our house micro flora at our Blendery, then refermented in the bottle with champagne yeast. No sulfites, no pasteurization, no back-sweetening, no bullshit.


Chasing meadows / 5%ABV

Foudre Fermented Saison Conditioned on Chamomile conditioned on fresh organic spring chamomile that we harvested by hand with Linda from Barefoot Gardens. This beer is complex and floral with medium acidity and intense notes of honeycomb, hay and chamomile sun-tea. 


El Dorado Nerd / 7.5%ABV

Extra IPA With a hefty kick of El Dorado, a favorite of ours. Tangelo and fresh peach, with a health amount of headiness to it


Surya/ 5.5%ABV

Smoothie Pale Ale  A luscious oat pale ale, dry-hopped twice with Mosaic & Citra, and conditioned on pineapple purée, and house toasted coconut flesh. 


Hermitage Blend / 4.5%ABV

Dark Sour Ale Notes of dark fig, classic manhattan, and deep, dark vin rouge with a complex firm acidity and distinctive yeast character.


sint larius / 8.8%ABV

Belgian Tripel A straight up, authentic rendition of an Abbey Style Tripel Brewed in collaboration with Larry Porter from Porters Pub.


hü dis / 4.9%ABV

Unfiltered Vienna Lager Brewed with 100% Vienna malt, and hopped very gently with Melba. Crackley & quenching with hints of earthy sourdough loaf and herbal tea.


Juicy grub / 8%ABV     

Double India Pale Ale Brewed with Calypso, Denali, & Lemondrop. These are three distinctly different hops that we love, together offering up a multi-faceted blend of tropical, heady, and floral notes. A bit of the past, and a bit of the future. 


Cellar fuzz: Cherry

Oak Aged Wild Ale Cellar Fuzz is part of our new rotating expression of mature barrel- fermented wild ale. This inaugural iteration was conditioned on sour-cherries. Rose' in colour, with an almost amaretto-like character of rose, fruit, and spice. Very firm acidity. 


Lifestyle / 4.5%ABV

Kolsch Brewed with a simple malt bill of German pils, flaked barley, and a few hefty pinches of classic Saaz before being lagered for a few weeks in the cellar. Distinctly floral and fresh, with notes of lemon verbena and a slight earthy minerality. Crispy, clean, and eternally liberating.


Spellbook / 13%ABV

Maple Imperial Stout We constructed this dark, viscid potion with layers of rich organic maple syrup and dust storms of ground Saigon cinnamon stick. A treacle worthy of the highest level pastry sorcerers...


MAsala Chai Latte / 4.5%ABV

Nitro Masala Chai Session Ale Spiced with a blend of giner, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla bean with a light body and creamy texture. Serving on Nitr




Raspberry Sage



Pinnacle Ridge Gruner Veltliner

Stone & Key Petite Sirah