Welcome to the Separatist Beer Project, the next evolutionary expression of our love-affair with fermentation. 

What started out 3 years ago as Søle Artisan Ales, a singular Gypsy Brewer’s fermentative experiment, has evolved into a more expansive, exciting, and inspired group effort. Your support over the years has turned our once-small company into a team of 17 humans with an enduring passion for beer.

With the addition of our Blendery location, we were finally able to realize our passion for brewing beer in a very different way than before. Rustic brewing, foraged ingredients, and local partnerships with producers are expressed through methods incorporating a koelschip, foudre and barrel program, and lots of really cool old-timey shit!

In the growth from “one” to “many”, and the shifting of “ales” to an array of “co-mingled” fermentation, our original moniker had been rendered obsolete. It was time to evolve. 

This sudden shift of identity is accompanied by some of the most excitingly heavy news and milestones that we’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing with you. There are way too many announcements to share in a single post, so we invite you all to focus your gaze, and listen into our upcoming social media posts as we lay out all the details. 

Welcome all, to the Separatist Beer Project.